The DIPLOMAT Philosophy

DIPLOMAT writing instruments have been manufactured using traditional craftsmanship methods since 1922 and are prized by experts as works of art.

The brand's extreme quality requirements explain both the nowadays extremely rare use of full metal casing and the "made in germany" specification, which entail an outstanding durability and a rich pen finish. DIPLOMAT, steeped in the tradition of penmanship, dedicates its hand made writing instruments to those involved in creating and cultivating relationships, both in their working and private lives.

DIPLOMAT's vision: cultivate relations

Handwriting forges a personal relationship with others, whilst disclosing both ones ideas and personality, via the unique lettering and balance each and every one of us creates. DIPLOMAT writing instruments, thanks to their superior handling and the finest available materials endeavour to express and embody style, personality and open-mindedness. Unique and timeless design for those who strive to create a better world: No other can deliver better than DIPLOMAT.